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Onshore Offshore Marine

HERNIS pioneered the integration of CCTV with other systems including process control and fire-, gas- and intruder alarms, thereby providing systems perfectly suited for onshore installations within the petroleum industry. Today HERNIS systems are in use in refineries, tank farms, jetties, pipe lines and terminals worldwide and are renowned for their high quality and unrivalled durability.

HERNIS CCTV equipment was developed specifically for the offshore market. With high technology equipment built to resist the most corrosive environment HERNIS CCTV is ideal for surveillance of operations such as drilling, pipe handling and process control. During marine operations CCTV adds to the safety onboard. HERNIS has experience ranging from arctic drilling rigs to tropical installations, supplying all from basic CCTV systems to taking full responsibility for turn-key projects. All housings and ancillary equipment are selected to meet the given environmental and operational conditions. Quick replacement of modules, coupled with excellent support and backup services makes HERNIS the reliable choice for offshore projects.

HERNIS offers advanced CCTV systems for all types of marine vessels such as LNG/LPG tankers, shuttle and crude oil tankers and special purpose ships such as seismic, offshore support vessels, containers, Ro-Ro, cruise and naval vessels. Typical surveillance areas include engine rooms, cargo handling & mooring, pump & compressor rooms and even subsea mating for shuttle tankers. Built to resist the most corrosive environments HERNIS high technology CCTV equipment is perfectly suited for marine operations.

Photo: Řyvind Hagen, Statoil

Photo: Dag Myrestrand, Statoil

Photo: Ulstein Group