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Reference - Explosion proof hand torch by HERNIS

HERNIS Scan Systems’ division REFERENCE is on the verge of setting a milestone for lighting equipment for hazardous areas by introducing the rechargeable TX40 explosion proof hand torch.The concept has been in development for almost 3 years and represents the most sophisticated solution the market has to offer.

The REFERENCE Ex torch project has been a joint venture between HERNIS and Wireless Power & Communication AS (WPC) from the very beginning. Whereas WPC had the brains developing the concept, HERNIS had the “looks” needed to bring the solution on to the market. As product potential grew through the development phase so did the relationship between the two companies. Today HERNIS holds 34% of the shares in WPC with one representative on the management board. By autumn 2007 the REFERENCE division was up and running overlooking operations and securing TX40s initial launch in the summer of 2008.

A multifunctional product
Throughout the development the main focus has been to exceed market expectations by improving existing product features and implementing new technology. Involvement from the Oil&Gas industry has played an important part in shaping TX40 into what it has become - a multifunctional product, aimed to reduce maintenance, increase durability and improve accessibility.

State of the art power solution
Introducing induction technology as a power source enables the REFERENCE TX40 to be recharged within a Zone 1 hazardous area. Even though household products have been based on induction principles for decades, the patented technology imbedded inside the TX40 has been upgraded to achieve a significantly higher efficiency level than ever previously demonstrated. The induction based recharge system also eliminates common conductivity issues resulting from corrosion, oil, mud, or other debris build-up, thus reducing the overall need for inspection and maintenance.

A torch with a mind of its own
The REFERENCE torch has been developed with low maintenance in mind. Intelligent routines perform system checks on both torch and charger in order for the unit to be fully operational at any given time. Battery capacity is self-maintained using imbedded operations which also prevents the torch from being deeply discharged. This technology not only prolongs the product’s lifecycle, but combined with auto illumination during power outage it makes TX40 the ideal permanently installed safety device.

Looking ahead
Although our initial goal has already been achieved the journey has only just begun! Our range of products will continue to expand, with an intelligent penlight version based on the same technology already well underway. Feedback from the industry will continue to play an important part in assuring that our products evolve to meet market expectations. REFERENCE Sales and Marketing Manager Einar Lende together with Operations Manager Arne Martin Gjøseid are both confident that the benchmark for future REFERENCE has now been set.

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Morken, Pernille, HERNIS Scan Systems AS


TX40 Rechargable explosion proof hand torch for hazardous areas

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