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HWIN Standard Alarm

HWIN Standard Alarm

HERNIS HWIN is the software needed to control cameras and manage video in HERNIS CCTV systems. Extensive CCTV expertise combined with the latest technology available has culminated in this highly efficient CCTV management environment. The interface gives preference to video management in one or multiple views by choice, and navigation is highly flexible bringing user experience to a new level. The application is developed for the Microsoft .NET platform and may be run on Windows 7. HERNIS HWIN comes in six versions meeting the specific needs of CCTV systems of different scale and demands.

HWIN Standard Alarm is the software designed to manage small to medium sized CCTV systems with enhanced alarm management requirements. Successful alarm management helps reduce unplanned downtime and increase safety and productivity on a site. With HWIN Standard Alarm the enhanced alarm management capability is integrated in the CCTV HMI. Key alarm management features help you optimize performance and support your company's alarm philosophy;

- Dedicated alarm view with advanced navigation capabilities;

  • Single-click navigation to the source of an alarm
  • Alarm priority and type (User or system activated)
  • Alarm states distinguished by colour and symbols (normal, acknowledged, supressed)
  • Time line with search capabilities

- Clear alarm identification throughout the CCTV user interface with colour and symbols
- Alarm actions (predetermined time saving responses to an alarm)
- Access privileges limiting who can acknowledge or disable alarms (individuals or groups).

HWIN Standard Alarm is based on the HWIN Standard application, its design emphasizing the user-experience. Up to 18 video streams can be displayed simultaneously in split views to support different surveillance tasks. Flexible and easy to use navigation such as drag-and-drop, pop-up menus toolbars and tool tips makes every operator feel right at home in this camera and video management environment.

HWIN Standard Alarm supports control of the stand-alone application HERNIS Large Screen Application (HLSA) for video walls. The controller is fully integrated in the HWIN user interface enjoying all the advanced navigation capabilities of HWIN.

HWIN standard Alarm is one of six HWIN versions that you can choose from to optimize the CCTV management environment to your requirement. Ask your Eaton sales representative for more information.


  • Split view capability (16/18 videos)
  • In-video pan/tilt
  • Remote system support
  • Control of large screen application (HLSA) for video wall solutions
  • Customizable joystick functions
  • Relay output control
  • VMD functionality
  • Sequential video playback
  • Advanced on-screen display (OSD)
  • Drag & drop navigation
  • Dynamic context menus
  • Tooltips
  • Toolbars for key functionality
  • High-level configuration
  • Differentiated user access levels
  • User interface personalization
  • Video playback and download
  • Easy to use
  • Helps optimize performance
  • Supports remote CCTV systems
  • Supports video wall solutions
  • Supports joysticks with up to 3 axis
  • 24/7 first line support
  • Systems life time support

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