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HERNIS Flare Monitoring System

HERNIS Flare Monitoring

The HERNIS Flare Monitoring System can be a stand-alone system or an integrated part of a larger CCTV system.

The Basic Flare Monitoring system includes a fixed camera station connected to a monitor located in the control room providing live images of the flare to the operator.

The optional Intelligent Flare Detection feature uses thermal sensitive camera, which only reproduces rays emitted from the heat of the flare, discarding the rays of visible light, like reflections, shifting weather conditions, or the general difference between day and night time that would otherwise disturb the surveillance. The video image is fed to and analysed by a PC with dedicated software suitable for this purpose. In the event that the flare stops burning, predefined actions can be activated and the operators are notified by an alarm. The incident may also be recorded.

The camera station can be explosion proof or weatherproof depending on the operating environment. Normally a CCD camera sensor is applied. The lens is selected based on the height of the flare itself and the distance between the camera and the flare. For Intelligent Flare Detection a thermal sensitive camera is applied.

The optimal method for transmitting video, power and control signals depends on the distance between the camera and the control room. HERNIS offers Multi-cables, fibre optical or twisted pair cables and in some cases wireless transmission is the cost effective choice.

The HERNIS flare monitoring system can improve time-critical decisions increasing the safety of people and equipment. HERNIS products’ long life cycle and low maintenance contributes to a minimal environmental impact so vital in today’s global awareness. 24 hour technical support line available for documented systems.

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