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HERNIS Multi-cables

HERNIS Multi-Cable - Power & Fiber with Screen

To enhance installation, reduce man-hour and material costs and secure the necessary quality of your CCTV system HERNIS offer our own range of CCTV multi-cables supplying both data video and power via the same cable. The multi-cables are designed specifically to survive a life time in harsh environments and meet the requirements for onshore, offshore and marine installations complying with the EMC regulations.

Depending on the project nature one or several of the HERNIS multi cables can be relevant for installation purposes. Below are the multi cables most commonly used in HERNIS CCTV systems:

  • 025118 Ships cable with Screen
  • 025119 Ships cable with Screen and Armour
  • 025106 Offshore cable with Screen
  • 025044 Offshore cable with Screen and Armour
  • 020792 Flexible Crane-TV cable with Screen
  • 025108 Crane-TV Cable with Screen
  • 025122 Coax and Power
  • 025223 Offshore cable Power & Cat 6 with Screen
  • 025233 Power & Fibre with Screen
  • 025333 Power & Fibre with Screen and Armour

Our experienced team offer expert advice on the choice of multi cable ensuring the optimal solution is found for your project. The cable is chosen for

  • its ability to perform over time in the immediate physical environment that it will be exposed to
  • cable length and voltage level requirements
  • tensile strength requirements
  • mechanical protection requirements
  • camera station power and signal requirements

HERNIS products’ long life cycle and low maintenance contributes to a minimal environmental impact so vital in today’s global awareness.

*24 hour technical support line available for documented systems.

  • Purpose-designed
  • Supplies data, video and power
  • Purpose-built and resilient
  • Time saving
  • Reduction in use of Material
  • Durable
  • Reduced environmental foot print
  • Long design life

Morken, Pernille, HERNIS Scan Systems AS

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