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Camera Station PT9/PT9W HD IP

HERNIS Camera station PT9W

HERNIS’ weather proof series are highly advanced process and surveillance camera stations that are designed to meet worldwide demanding environments. The camera stations are able to withstand physical environmental challenges such as vibration, humidity, extreme variations in temperature, and corrosion.

The PT9W HD IP camera station is well suited for desert areas as for the corrosive environments on board marine vessels and oil & gas installations, in arctic as well as equatorial climates.

Designed specifically for operation in the most demanding conditions the PT9W is built from high quality electro polished 316L stainless steel and has, scratch resistant tempered window glass, built-in heater.

The PT9W HD IP pan/tilt, zoom, focus, iris, wiper functions are all automatic or manual, at any time to assure maximum accuracy and control. This camera station will quickly focus on a predefined object or area by utilizing the preset position feature. 100 positions are at your fingertips and will allow the operator to alternate between areas, processes or objects rapidly.

Additionally the PT9W HD IP with it’s IP66 ingress protection makes it exceptionally resilient to extreme environmental conditions where vibration, humidity, extreme temperature variations and corrosion are a normal occurrence.

Installation is simple and a single cable is sufficient for the transmission of data and power, routed directly to the control cabinet (standard HERNIS™ multi-cable).

The PT9W can work with illumination as low as 0.01 lux, has 1080p resolution and uses the HERNIS™ Flex IP control protocol, additionally the future proof design can facilitate future software upgrades and diagnostics remotely.

The S9 HD IP may be used with the IP control system HERNIS Flex. The fact that HERNIS is a complete systems supplier ensures that our camera stations have long design life and lifetime factory support*.

HERNIS products’ long life cycle and low maintenance contributes to a minimal environmental impact so vital in today’s global awareness.

*24 hour technical support line available for documented systems.


  • FUll HD resolution 
  • Flexible powering (30VAC, 24VDC)
  • Wide dynamic range
  • 20 x zoom
  • Automatic Day/Night function
  • IR sensitive
  • Multi-cable accommodated
  • Built-in heating
  • Scratch proof, tempered glass
  • Sunshield
  • Integrated wiper (PT9W)


  • PT9 HD IP
  • PT9W HD IP


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