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Camera station EX292/EX292W HD IP

The EX292W HD IP fixed camera station is certified for use in hazardous areas and its compact design makes it an extremely versatile
camera station choice where space is limited or at a premium.

Designed specifically for operation in the most demanding conditions the EX292W HD IP is built from high quality electro
polished 316L stainless steel and has scratch resistant tempered window glass. It comes with a built-in heater, flexible low power &
PoE options and a mounting bracket as standard.

Additionally the EX292W HD IP carries global Ex and Marine certifications & approvals and when combined with it’s IP66 & IP67 ingress
protection makes it exceptionally resilient to extreme environmental conditions where vibration, humidity, extreme temperature variations
and corrosion are a normal occurrence.

Installation is simple and a single cable is sufficient for the transmission of data and power, routed directly to the control cabinet (standard
Ethernet cable or HERNIS™ multi-cable with power and Ethernet).

The EX292W HD IP can work with illumination as low as 0.01 lux, has 1080p resolution and uses the HERNIS™ Flex IP control protocol.
Additionally the future proof design can facilitate future software upgrades and diagnostics remotely.

24 hour technical support line available for documented systems.

  • HD Resoutio
  • EX certified for Zone 1 (gas group IIC)
  • DNV Type Approval
  • Small unit
  • Automatic Day/Night function
  • IR sensitive
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Exe Junction Box (optional)
  • Integrated Wiper (EX292W standard)
  • Washer Pump & Tank (optional)
  • Sunshield (EX292W standard)
  • 20 x Zoom (optional)
  • Auto focus with manual override
  • Auto iris with manual override
  • Multi-cable accommodated
  • Internal heating
  • Scratch proof, tempered glass
  • Designed to accept future software upgrades remotely



Caterina Scarlata, HERNIS Scan Systems


HERNIS Camera Station EX292W

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