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HERNIS Radar Tracking System

HERNIS Radar Tracking CCTV

With access to live video of one or several radar targets the operator can easily monitor potentially criminal elements improving his threat assessment ability and reducing risk. The HERNIS Radar Tracking Solution can be delivered as a compact stand-alone system or integrated in your HERNIS CCTV solution. The system offers pan & tilt tracking, meaning the camera will follow the target both vertically and horizontally.

The HERNIS EX285WT PTZ Dual camera station tracks the targets selected in your radar system via messages received from the radar system on the NMEA protocol format (National Marine Electronics Association). The operator can choose between CCD and thermal images providing optimal viewing in the different conditions prevailing. The CCTV system gains access to the target's positioning data once the target has been selected on the radar. You can track up to 10 targets at a time, dwelling on each target sequentially for as long specified in the configuration. Default dwell time is 10 seconds. You easily control the camera by selecting a target with the cursor on your radar screen. The camera will immediately position itself to track the target upon receiving the positioning data. A dedicated touch control panel with joystick and configured buttons provides smooth operation of the camera and tracking functions. A Configuration Tracking Program is included as standard for easy configuration of the Radar Tracking unit.

HERNIS products' long life cycle and low maintenance contributes to a minimal environmental impact so vital in today's global awareness. 
24 hour technical support line available for documented HERNIS CCTV systems.


  • Pan & Tilt tracking
  • Dual Camera (CCD/Thermal)
  • Track up to 10 targets in sequence
  • Configurable dwell time
  • Compact Control Unit
  • Dedicated Control Panel

Camera EX285WT PTZ Dual:

  • Dual Camera (CCD/Thermal)
  • PTZ
  • Automatic Day/Night function
  • IR sensitive
  • Integrated Exe junction box
  • Integrated Wiper
  • Washer Pump & Tank (optional)
  • Scratch proof, tempered glass
  • Sunshield
  • Thermoelectric heating
  • Auto focus with manual override
  • Auto iris with manual override
  • Multi-cable accommodated
  • Improves threat assessment ability
  • Live images with zoom
  • Easy operation
  • Tracks up to 10 objects at a time
  • Accurate camera positioning
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy configuration
  • Long design life

    Morken, Pernille, HERNIS Scan Systems AS

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